Care and handling of your paper Giclée print on arrival

Our Giclée prints are built for durability. However, if you want to ensure your print’s longevity, basic care measures should be followed.

All of our prints ship while rolled and unframed in sturdy tubes. We recommend unrolling your print and taking it straight to the framer. If this cannot be done immediately, after unrolling it, please use two hands to support your print to prevent bending. Any creases in the print will be permanent.

Please keep your new print covered until it is framed to avoid damage. Be careful of water, hard objects and adhesives being anywhere near the print, as these can damage and scratch the surface. Try not to use your hands to wipe off any dust, as this can also cause surface damage.

After framing, try to keep your print away from direct sunlight, as UV rays can affect the quality of the colors over time.