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The materials used to create art play a huge role in how that art turns out. This set of fine detail brushes was created to give everyone the opportunity to own the right materials to achieve highly detailed, extreme realism paintings. These brushes equip the user with all the necessary tools to achieve tiny details and precision, especially with oil colors. The set was created based on the professional experience of Marco Grassi and the hyperrealistic technique that he has perfected over the years. This set of 10 brushes are:

  • Ideal for skin texture, hair, eyelashes and other tiny elements.
  • Hand made in Germany from a prestigious manufacturer that has been producing high quality brushes for a century.
  • Made with birchwood from the European forestry, fine gold synthetic fiber and Kolinsky red sable hair.
  • Based on the professional experience in fine art and hyperrealistic technique of Marco Grassi.

The short video demonstration in English is included in price on how to correctly use the brushes from the set. You will receive the access once your order is confirmed!

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I  – Brush for the extreme details (size 10/0)
II  – Brush for the extreme details (size 5/0)
III – Brush for the extreme details (size 3/0)
IV – Brush for small/medium details (size 1)
V – Brush for small/medium details (size 2)
VI – Brush for small/medium details (size 3)
VII – Brush for medium details and sfumato (size 2)
VIII – Brush for hair (size 10/0)
IX – Brush for hair (size 5/0)
X – Brush for hair (size 0)

Brushes I, II and III are formed of fine gold synthetic fiber and are ideal for creating the smallest, most defined elements such as skin texture or other tiny details. In comparison to natural hair, synthetic fiber is slightly more rigid and allows you to have better control and finer precision in the brush stroke.

Brushes IV, V, VI and VII are made of Kolinsky red sable hair, which comes from the tail of a kolinsky, a species of weasel. These are ideal for larger details with a softer effect. They form less defined brush strokes, which only natural hair can achieve.

Brushes VIII, IX and X are formed of synthetic fiber, which makes them ideal for creating very neat, defined brush strokes. These are perfect for painting hair, eyelashes, eyebrows or similar areas of hair.

height: 3,5 cm
depth: 25 cm
width: 27 cm


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